Dobry miód

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The consortium includes several experienced beekeepers involved in educational work and a single beekeeping novice.

Piotr Budziszewski

A highly experienced beekeeper from Płońsk and director of the Płońsk Beekeeping Association. He has been running an extensive apiary with his wife for many years. Aside from producing excellent honey, he has been involved in educational work concerning beekeeping and therapeutic and educational presentations in his apiary. 

Extra Płońsk magazine: An interview with Piotr Budziszeski – the director of Płońsk Beekeeping Association 

 FB: I. i P. Budziszewscy Gospodarstwo Pasieczne | Facebook

Krzysztof Kowalski

Owner of a large agricultural holding in Winniki in the Nowodwoski powiat (Masovian province), known for an extensive educational enclosure.

He specializes in flax and rape seed oil production, cold pressed in a proprietary oil mill. Aside from beekeeping, he is a highly successful breeder of a traditional Polish race of pigs, Polish Landrace.

Link to the website:

Witold Sołtys

An experienced beekeeper and owner of “Apisołtysówka” agritourism holding at the outskirts of Kampinos Forest, in the village of Powązki (West Warsaw powiat). Aside from providing the ability to sample excellent honey, the holding’s specialty is the apitherapy center with a unique “bee atmosphere chamber”.

Link to the website: Apisołtysówka – gospodarstwo agroturystyczne 

Alina Katarzyna Gontarczyk

Holder of a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering and an amateur beekeeper. Together with her daughters, she is developing a small agricultural holding in the Dmosin commune (Brzeziński powiat, Łódź province). Her apiary passion was spurred by her first contacts with urban beekeeping.